Carmel Apologetics Team Receives OCP Delegation

On Sunday, 26 November 2014, a group of OCP Delegates led by OCP Secretary George Alaxander, visited Carmel Apologetics Team founder member Ashwin Manuel at his residence. The OCP secretary was accompanied by Ajesh Philip (OCP Delegate of Indian- Sub continent and Chief Project Coordinator – MARP) and Vipin Varghese (OCP Director- Dept. of Public Relations).

Orthodoxy Cognate PAGE® Society and Media Network has an international dimension which aims to publish and promote different Orthodox Christian materials so as to work for the unity of the Holy Orthodox Christian Family (including Oriental and Eastern Orthodoxy) based on spirituality, faith and love. The society is supporting various Orthodox missions throughout the world.

During the visit, Ashwin and OCP delegates engaged into a detailed discussion, and the delegates appreciated the commendable work done by Carmel Apologetics Team towards defending the faith and Traditions of Apostolic churches, particularly in Kerala.

The OCP Secretary appreciated Carmel Apologetics for it’s success in bringing many adrifted Protestants back to Orthodox Faith, through enlighting and meaningful discussions. OCP Delegates were greatly impressed by the large number of profound articles published on the Carmel Apologetics website, and asserted that the Carmel articles were emphatic about the true Apostolic faith, and undoubtedly rebutted almost all aspersions aimed at the Apostolic churches by the Protestant groups. The OCP delegates also admired the various charity activities of Carmel Team.

Most importantly, both sides expressed interest in creating a joint road map to increase cooperation for propagating Oriental Orthodoxy, and to leverage the deeply Orthodox modus operandi of Carmel to the benefit of Orthodox community globally.

OCP delegation presented an icon of St Gregorios of Malankara, and a copy of the new OCP pan-orthodox publication titled ‘Collected Writings on Orthodox Christianity’, to Mr Ashwin in lieu of the hospitality accorded.

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